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There are family vacations, and then there are adult vacations. Family vacations are great fun for everyone of toddler age and up, but exclusively vacations for adults are absolutely necessary to keep grownups functioning.

If that sounds a little over the top, just consider what most those of age put up with year round. A cranky boss. The faltering economy. Mounting bills. Telemarketers. Kids fighting in the back seat while you’re stuck in traffic on the freeway.


If you’re married or involved in a romantic relationship, there may be stretches of time when the two of you are kept apart by everyday responsibilities and chores. You may forget the passion you felt when you first met, and the heady feeling of being in love and connecting with someone on an elevated level. If you are single, you may still be looking for that special person with whom you will find that kind of fulfillment.

Look no further than the adult vacation for remedies. From the traditional, relax-in-the sun, all-inclusive hotels to hedonistic swingers resorts, the antidote to a stressful life awaits you at one of the hundreds of adult paradises.

The array of opportunities available for married or single adults is staggering. You can go to the Internet and find page after page of web sites devoted to the subject, buy magazines, or watch your Sunday paper travel section for some wonderful destinations you may never have heard of. The best bet, however, is to speak to a travel agent who specializes in adult vacations. This expert can lead you through the myriad options, make valuable suggestions, and even possibly get you some special deals.

All-inclusive Resorts Offer a Fabulous Time for Singles or Couples

Adult vacations, which include sanctuaries for both couples and singles, are often all-inclusive resorts which promise you pleasure packages of lodging, fine dining, land and water sports, spa services, entertainment, drinks, and more in a child-free atmosphere where you can let all your cares drift away on a tide of luxury and relaxation.

Usually set in tropical climes with names like Antigua, Jamaica, and Cancun, these hotels are full of incredible amenities and first class service. And after you make your arrangements, you can leave your wallet in your room for the duration of your stay! Locations to consider when booking your dream vacation at an adult resort include but are not limited to the lushest of tropical environments.

Are You Feeling Frisky Yet?


For people a bit more liberal minded, there are havens for those seeking the benefits of an escort service with the world’s most beautiful women and hottest men, for swingers who hope to fulfill their wildest desires with their partner, another couple, or in a group setting, for hedonists (in an environment of decadence and debauchery: a Hedonism Resort, where else?) or – for those feeling especially exploratory – clothing optional/nudist resorts where you can indulge in a “nakation” and come to understand the naturist philosophy of celebrating the human body in all its shapes, sizes, and colors.

A couples spa vacation can heal your mind, body, and soul as you relax side by side with treatments like seaweed wraps, mud baths, massages, facials, peat pulp wraps, even aromatherapy. In Maruba, you can stay in a thatched roof hut in the mystical heart of the Mayan jungle as you live side by side with nature.

There are also adult vacation spots in exotic locales like Maldives, Tahiti, or Ixtapa. Or how does this sound: a week at an exclusive island in Fiji with accommodations for only 14 couples, but with 13 beaches?

Don’t feel guilty about leaving the kids at home. You deserve some balance in your life. When you return from your fabulous, soul-enriching adult vacation, you will approach life with a new enthusiasm and zest for living. You will be more patient with your children and their tantrums and tears, more relaxed when stuck in traffic, or even more tolerant of your boss’s outburst! After all, you will have your return visit in the planning stage already, and may even spend many happy hours researching and deciding where you will go next year! What are you waiting for?

Let’s Try Adult Only Vacations!
Adult only vacations are niche vacations catering to single adults and adult couples (+18). Some of these adults follow alternative lifestyles like swinging and nudism.
Adult Vacation Packages, Experience Wanderlust
Adult vacation packages can offer a dreamed all inclusive vacation on a romantic beach resort with your couple, on a swingers cruise liner with like-minded friends or on an exotic location worldwide.
Adult Travel, the Vacation of a Lifetime
Plan your adult travel with a specialized agency which will help you to find the perfect adult getaway or hotel for your vacation.
Exclusive Adult Resorts
All-inclusive adult resorts for couples and singles where you can experience luxury service in a child-free environment. Selected resorts including: Hidden Beach, Excellence and Sandals.
Couples Vacations, Relax and Reconnect
Couples vacations are the best way to enjoy some private time with your loved one at a romantic destination and strengthen your relationship with your partner at an all inclusive resort or spa.
Fabulous Singles Vacations
Singles vacations are perfect for people travelling alone who want to meet someone with whom to explore the world. They may be looking for friendship, a casual relationship or a long-term commitment.
Nudist Vacations, Know the Person Underneath
Nudist vacations at a nudist or clothing-optional resort or cruise are rising in popularity. Each day more people join the nudist or naturist community and enjoy nude travel options.
Swinger Vacations, Explore Wild Desires
Swinger vacations on a cruise or at a resort with your partner, another couple or in a group setting are a great option for a no-holds barred sexy adult vacation.
Sex Vacations, Be a Little Naughty
Sex vacations visiting an escorts resort or travelling with the erotic companion of your choice to an exotic destination are some of the best options where the adult interaction is guaranteed.
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