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Adult Vacations Discovery, Issue #002 -- Adult Vacations in Cap D'Adge
September 03, 2012
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Welcome to our second issue of "Adult Vacations Discovery"

In this E-zine we'll offer you selected information about all kinds of Adult Vacations and Travel including: "No Kids Vacations" for couples and singles, "Lifestyle Vacations" for nudists and swingers and "Sex Vacations" with escorts. Any vacations catered to people over 18 years old are welcomed ;)


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All resorts and vacations only for adults (of course ;)

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Cap d'Adge video from SDC showing swinger's resort Le Jardin D'Eden, a Brazilian party at the nude beach and aerial views of the naturist village.

If you can't see the embedded Cap d'Adge video above use this link.

Sexy Adult Vacations at Cap D'Adge (Naked City), France

If you want to travel to the Naturist Village of Cap d'Adge in France "Naked City", here are some interesting info and recommendations for you (We've been there the past week so we have fresh info!):

Travelling with your family and kids:

The village is family oriented but we wouldn't recommend it for kids really. In case you want to come with your kids find accommodation preferably in the areas at the back of the village in front of the port like Port Soleil, El Pueblo, Hotel Eve, Le Jardin de la Palmeraie, Cap Sauvage and Port Venus or at the big C.H.M. Rene Oltra Camping. You can enjoy the beach in front of the village safely with your family and have a lot of fun.

If you are a strict naturist/nudist:

You will enjoy being able to be naked everywhere 24 hours a day: Restaurants, shops, supermarkets, streets, etc. You can find accommodation in many other places too like the big complexes of Heliopolis (with Natura Beach), Port Nature, Port Ambone, Helio-Village, Natureva-Spa, Riad Nateve or Hotel Oz'Inn.

If you are a swinger:

You will find plenty of swingers and people enjoying the lifestyle in the naturist village. You can also find accommodation everywhere but special places for you are the adult only locations: Jardin D'Eden, Jardin de la Babylone and Riad Cap D'Adge Naturisme where open and public sex practices can be enjoyed.

During the day, walk along the beach and pass by the Sun Beach and Paralia Beach Club, you will reach the adult oriented beach area where you will find open and public sex practices too. Many exhibitionists and plenty of voyeurs are there and also in the most secluded areas beside the beach. Lesbian and gay couples are also very welcomed here.

At night wear your most revealing and slutty clothing to go out and enjoy restaurants-bars-lounges (Melrose Cafe, Why Not, La Kasbah,...) clubs (Glamour, Le Jul's, Le Tantra,..), shops (Xhib, XY, Double Jeu,...).

If you are a sex vacationer:

You won't find escort services inside the village but you can book them outside and bring them in with you. You can also find women, men and couples interested in sex contacts, especially at the clubs at night and at the adult oriented beach and at other adult services during the day (cinema, sauna-pool,...)

You can come to Cap D' Adge single, with a couple or with a group of friends. Everybody will have fun, especially if you love adult vacations ;)

Just remember to book your accommodation with a lot of time in advance and come in July and August preferably. The entrance to the naturist village is barred and strictly controlled with a special card/pass for vehicles and pedestrians.

You won't find a place like this anywhere else ! ;)

Find more info, pics and videos of Cap D'Adge "Naked City" here

The Boob Olimpics pic from Sinn & Skinn featuring Holly Peers, Lucy Collet, Emma Glover and Leah Francis ;)

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This has been our second issue, we hope you have liked it and we can see you again next month :)

Enjoy Your Lifestyle!
Rosa and David
Sexy Adult Vacations


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