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Adult Vacations Discovery, Issue #025 -- Extreme Adventure Holidays
August 04, 2014
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Great Adult Vacations Offers!

Swing Gulet Cruise Croatia
Swingers Sailboat Gulet Cruise

Enjoy a 1 week swinger cruise for couples in the Mediterranean “Adriatic Sea” (Croatia, Montenegro and Albania).

Click the banner above for complete info.

If interested Contact Sexy Adult Vacations and you will get a DISCOUNT BETWEEN 50 UP TO 100 Euros PER CABIN BOOKED!

Sex vacations in a sailboat navigating the Bozborun and Datcha Peninsula, Turkey

Minimum 1 week rental. You can also combine the sailboat with a house in Selimiye (coastal village). Escorts also provided if required.

Click this link for further info and if you are interested contact us!.

A video about Ultimate Shark Encounter, an extreme shark diving offered by Aqua Trek in Fiji.

If you can't see the embedded Aqua Trek Shark Diving video above use this link.

An amazing picture of Tandem Halo Jump, an extreme tandem Skydive from 30.000 ft/9.000m offered by Incredible Adventures in Tennessee.

Extreme Sports/Activities Holidays

Extreme sports and activities can also be “sexy” and real fun for adults. Have you thought about trying and extreme adventure holiday?. You will arrive home very relaxed after such a burst of adrenaline ;)

There are many options to enjoy extreme holidays. Here is a selection:

Responsible Travel from the UK offers extreme adventure holidays to many locations worldwide like a 12 day cruise to Antarctica including activities in this remote continent like night camping, kayaking, diving and climbing.

Bungee A 6 day trip package to pucon, chile to do a 700 ft/250m bungee jump from a helicopter inside the caldera of an active volcano. Your cord will stretch 375 ft/134m over the pool of molten lava. The package also includes a class 4 & 5 white water rafting.

War Zone Tours: A custom-made vacation to "active" war zones like Iraq, Sudan, Somalia or Democratic Republic of Congo, with former military special operations personnel working as your high risk environment guides.

Ultimate Shark Encounter-Aqua Trek A diving experience of one hour in Fiji swimming with 8 different species of sharks including bull and tiger sharks. Certified Divers are situated on the reef around the perimeter of the dive site called “The arena”, they are not in a cage. From this location they can see how the sharks are fed just feet away from them.

Stunt Experience-Thrillseekers Unlimited A “hands on” 5 day training vacation in Las Vegas given by stunt specialists which includes High falls, stunt fighting, mini tramps, ratchets, bungy jumps, zip-lines, heavy weapons, stunt driving and fire burns.

The Master Class Tour-Storm Tours: A 12 day trip with storm chasers and meteoroligists to severe weather zones in the USA (The Tornado Alley) in order to intercept and get as close as possible to big tornadoes.

Incredible Adventures from Florida, USA offers all kind of adventures and experiences worldwide like an aerobatics fly in a Mig-29 in Russia, Skydiving from 30.000ft/9.000 m in Tennessee or joining a 4 day counter-terrorist mission in Miami.

So, if you are an adrenaline junkie and love adventure you have all kinds of vacations that will fulfill your most extreme desires. Enjoy them and try to survive ;)

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Spa Riviera Maya


This has been our 25th issue, we hope you have liked it and we can see you again next month :)

Enjoy your lifestyle!
Rosa and David
Sexy Adult Vacations


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