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Adult Vacations Discovery, Issue #008 -- DR Escort Resorts
March 04, 2013
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Welcome to our eighth issue of "Adult Vacations Discovery"

In this E-zine we'll offer you selected information about all kinds of Adult Vacations and Travel including: "No Kids Vacations" for couples and singles, "Lifestyle Vacations" for nudists and swingers and "Sex Vacations" with escorts. Any vacations catered to people over 18 years old are welcomed ;)


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Best of Maldives Luxury Resorts by Baros.

If you can't see the embedded Baros video above use this link.

Enjoy the sexy Bikini pics in St. Barts of supermodel Candance Swanapoel for Victoria Secret offered by SINN & SKINN ;)

Escort Resorts in the Dominican Republic (DR)

The Dominican Republic is a lovely Caribbean country with warm and sunny weather all year round and plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great vacation. In the DR prostitution is legal and you can find the highest number of escort resorts in the world.

Enjoy full-time local and international escorts in resorts and private villas, condos and penthouses with all expenses included in different vacation packages for all budgets.

Here are some interesting options to take into consideration if you want to enjoy escort vacations in the Dominican Republic. It doesn’t matter if you travel single, with your own couple or a group of friends, everybody is welcomed:

Group 1: These resorts offer only local (Dominican and Caribbean) escorts with quite affordable package prices (less than 1.000 USD per night):

Paradise Ladies for You, Gentlemens Caribbean Resort, Oxygen Retreat, Periastron Vacations, DR Sextasy and Red Diamond Girls.

Periastron Vacations offers packages with the cheapest rates per night, for 4 nights minimum.

Group 2: In these group the resorts offer local (Dominican and Caribbean) and/or international (Eastern European and Russian) escorts and the package prices are for all budgets: From quite affordable (less than 1.000 USD per night) to high-end (3.000 USD per night).

Fantasy Stars Club, Tour 69 and DR Nights.

Tour 69 offers escorts per hours. If you wish you can enjoy your escort for less than 24 hours a day at lower prices.
DR Nights offers an extravagant ultra-luxury package for 100.000 USD!

Group 3: Here you will find the most luxurious resorts offering only international escorts (Eastern European and Russian) and high-end packages (starting at around. 4.000 USD for 3 nights).

Exotic Retreat and Charlis Angels.

Charlis Angels also offers packages with male escorts.

Book your escort resort package and enjoy the best combination of “Sea, Sun and Sex” at this Caribbean paradise!

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Couples Resorts offers a deal and a surprise.

Sexy Adult Vacations affiliate partners!

Check our affiliate partners with selected products and services.

Desire Pearl Resorts & Spa Riviera Maya

Singles Vacations


This has been our eighth issue, we hope you have liked it and we can see you again next month :)

Enjoy your lifestyle!
Rosa and David
Sexy Adult Vacations


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