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Adult Vacations Discovery, Issue #095-Adult Vacations in Lockdown
June 01, 2020
Hi, here is your e-zine.

Welcome to our 95th issue of "Adult Vacations Discovery"

In this E-zine we'll offer you selected information about all kinds of Adult Vacations and Travel (although we are in the mid of a severe Covid-19 crisis) including: "No Kids Vacations" for couples and singles, "Lifestyle Vacations" for nudists and swingers and "Sex Vacations" with escorts. Any vacations catered to people over 18 years old are welcomed ;)


Adult Vacations in Lockdown

Nowadays when most of the world is in full or partial lockdown due to the pandemic of Covid-19, it's time to stay safe at home and try to live your life normally using the tecnology to keep in touch with others and have fun.

Although it's not recommended (if not fully banned) to travel for vacations these days, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy an adult vacation without leaving your own home.

Here are some recommendations for people who want to keep their adult vacations at home. The only thing you will need is a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone with camera, microphone and internet connection.

Looking for virtual sex?. Most of the escorts offer online virtual experiences to their customers. You can enjoy life private time with escorts through your webcam and chat with them. Other than escorts you also have access to many virtual sex shows, porn films, teledildonics and VR sex experiences.

Swinger clubs are mostly closed but you can enjoy big or small swinger parties online through videoconference systems like Skype, Zoom or Meet. You can be nude, have sex, see, be seen and talk with other swingers in the privacy of your own home.

If you miss the nightlife you can join live DJ clubbing sessions, Live music, concerts and shows or just meet others online to chat while having some drinks, dancing, listening to good music and even smoking a bit of marijuana (if it's legal in your country).

You have many options online to get entertained like playing online games, streaming music, films, TV shows, documentaries, theather plays, concerts, reading e-books, listening to postcasts, radio shows, practicing fitness, joining dancing classes,...

If you miss traveling just use the infinite resources of the internet to travel online and see cities, villages, natural wonders, museums and interesting locations worldwide. You can find websites offering live cameras, videos, photos, 3D environments, pictures, articles, graphs and all kinds of information.

The options you have online are just endless.

Enjoy your adult vacations without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home during this tough health crisis!

Sexy pic of a girl having virtual reality sex at home.

Bored in quarantine? Top 10 things to do during Covid-19 lockdown.

If you can't see the "Bored in Quarantine?" embedded video above use this link.

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This has been our 95th issue, we hope you have liked it and we can see you again next month. Happy lockdown and stay safe! :)

Enjoy your lifestyle!
Rosa and David
Sexy Adult Vacations


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