Adult Only Cruise: Traditional, Nudist or Lifestyle!

When considering an adult only cruise, remember there are actually three ways you can go: a traditional adults only cruise without children; an adults-only voyage with naturists whose focus is on the dignity of the human form more than the erotic, and an adult’s only “adult lifestyle cruise” which is all about the erotic.

No Children, Please

Cruising has become one of the most popular ways to travel and see the world. But many more affluent travelers prefer the peace and quiet associated with well-behaved adults. Not to their taste is the seemingly constant uproar of children running about the decks and splashing in the pools. It is best to consult a travel agent who specializes in adult only cruises because they are more rare than other types, and in some cases there may actually be children allowed on board, although those kids will not find the activities they had hoped for and would be better left at home.

A cruise can last from just one day to 100 days. The longer ones are of course more expensive and so, as one would expect, attract an older crowd. These are the cruisers who appreciate the ship’s casino, boutiques, fine dining and other adult amenities. If you are looking for the best deal on one of these adults’ only voyages, look during the period from January to March, because not only are 35% of their annual sales made at this time, but this is also when the best deals may be offered.

And Now for Some Cruises Which Really Deserve the Term "Adults Only"

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If you type “adult only cruise” into your computer, you will often come up with “nudist cruises,” “swinger cruises,” or “cruises with escorts.” And that’s just fine if you’re looking for something a lot more adventurous!

Clothing optional cruises are liberating and free you from the restrictions of clothing and, as naturists believe, reveal the real you under the trappings of society. Europeans have always been fond of nudism, but now, since the 1990s, the rest of the world has been playing catch up. The nice thing about this sort of cruise is that you can be as naked as you find comfortable, or gradually leave your clothing back in the cabin. Most nudist cruises are not too different from the traditional ones in many ways.

The large cruises are the most affordable, when charter companies contract with a big name line to use their ships. Younger nude cruisers often head to the Caribbean, while the more mature on board prefer Europe. Try Bare Necessities, Castaway Travel and Shoes Only Travel for your nude cruise.

Geared towards the sexually liberated, the adult lifestyle cruises are all about erotic adult fun, more sensual and certainly more hedonistic. These are the cruises which allow travelers to participate in voyeurism, wife swapping, and group sex. You also might find nude pool deck disco parties, naked musicals, rock climbing, and miniature golf. For your pleasure, playrooms are provided for what is called lifestyle action. You might try Swingers Cruise or Dream Pleasure Tours.

Which of the three varieties of adult only cruise is your style?

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