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What are the best adult only vacations? Humorist Robert Benchley must have been thinking of adults only vacations when he quipped that, “in America there are two classes of travel – first class and with children”.

In today’s world, there is no shortage of tourism options available. There are niche vacations like the pop-cultural or the nautical. There are trips planned for those interested in the culinary, the cultural, or their family heritage. There is even tourism catering to those fascinated by space, war, and wildlife. What makes the adults-only variety increasingly popular the world over?

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Adults Only Travel is a World unto Itself

Just imagine: if you choose to spend your dream vacation or erotic holiday at an adult only all inclusive resort, adult only hotel, adult only cruise or at an adult only island you will never have to fumble to get your wallet out and you will experience a level of relaxation you never dreamed was possible.

Adults only mean just what it says: no children under the age of 18 (sometimes 16) are allowed. This type of vacation appeals to the affluent, to honeymooners, to those renewing their vows, to those without children by choice, to the singles demographic, to gays and lesbians, to unmarried couples and to those with children back home who are looking for some time alone with their partner.

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Children, though much-loved, bring their own brand of stress to a vacation. They may whine, cry, or be unable to sit still for long periods of time. Additionally, the focus of the trip becomes an attempt to please all age-levels, from infant, to teen, to adult.

The beauty of adult only vacations lies in the fact that, whether you go alone or as part of a couple, all activities and amenities will cater to pleasing only more mature tastes. Adults only also mean you won’t have kids splashing you in the pool or throwing temper tantrums at dinner. After all, you are here to enjoy your partner, to rekindle the romance and get to know what you love about one another all over again.

Once you have decided that adult only vacations are the way to go, you are confronted with an astonishing array of choices. In what part of the world would you most like to sojourn; Amsterdam, Las Vegas , Macau,...?

Although many resort spots are clustered in the warmer, more tropical regions of the globe like Thailand, the Caribbean, Mexico, or Colombia you can actually find the haven of your choice with the climate you prefer most anywhere in the world.

You next must choose if you will be going as a single, a couple, a nudist, a hedonist, a swinger, or with an escort. Is an all-inclusive resort, where you just pay up your best bet? What sort of activities might appeal to you – or would you rather just lie under the swaying palm trees? Or what about trying one of the hundreds of clothing optional leisure resorts?

Consulting a Travel Advisor is Your Best Bet

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Because the choices for your dream adults-only vacation are so varied (just look online and you will be overwhelmed by the hundreds and hundreds of resorts around the world!) make an appointment with a professional whose job it is to know the nuances of each and every resort option. Travel agents often specialize in a certain type of travel, and may have access to less expensive fares, accommodations, and perks you wouldn’t have knowledge of otherwise. And although you can make your own arrangements online, where do you begin to sift through the abundance of options?

Vacations it would seem are no longer a luxury only the wealthy can afford, but a necessity for all of us to de-stress and make healthy human connections. An adult only vacations may be just what you need.

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