Clothing Optional Resorts, Flexibility Allowed!

They may sound like one and the same, but clothing optional resorts and clothes free resorts are two entirely different concepts. Well, not entirely different as both involve clothing in one regard or another, but clothing optional retreats may appeal to the traveler who is still a little shy about disrobing entirely in front of others, or wants to spend only part of their time in the buff.

The difference between the two terms is that if you are visiting a nude resort, you will at some time or other be expected to remove your clothing. On the other hand, clothing optional means just that: you decide if you want to keep your clothes on, or how many or few of them you will shed.

Nude Beach Etiquette

Clothing Optional Resorts Girl

To most people’s way of thinking, however, if you go to a resort designated as clothing optional, you are probably planning at some point to try nudism to one degree or another. Otherwise, why not just go to a regular resort?

As it is absolutely not true that only perverts and oglers are nudists, and that the philosophy is all about sexual freedom, you will find that those who go to nudist resorts for the sordid sex they expect to see and the voyeuristic thrills available, will only leave disappointed. There is a pretty strict code of ethics among those who practice naturism, and it involves treating people with the dignity they deserve.

Flexibility is the Key to the Perfect Resort Visit

At clothing optional resorts you can choose the degree of nakedness you like, remaining clothed, partly clothed or nude. In this way, first timers are more comfortable easing in to the whole notion of naturism.

With a couple, perhaps one partner wants to be completely nude, and the other only partially so. The beauty of such a resort is the flexibility allowed. Often, when they are able to approach nudism at their own speed, those who were formerly reluctant become the biggest proponents of the lifestyle.

When booking your clothing optional resort remember that some resorts have entirely separate beaches and pools for the clothed and the unclothed, so even if you lose your nerve and decide not to disrobe, you don’t have to stay stuck in your room the entire time.

Some resorts may be strictly au naturel, but still require clothing for certain activities and side trips off the property. There are also those properties which require clothing in the lobby, dining areas, and most sporting and activity areas. Also be aware that if you remain entirely clothed at a nude or clothing optional retreat, people might begin to think you are a voyeur just there to get your illicit thrills.

For those who are intrigued by the notion of nudism, think they are ready to dive in and then get cold feet once they are actually there, clothing optional resorts guarantee you will still enjoy a great vacation of warm tropical beaches, fantastic food, and activities galore. To find precisely what you are looking for at these resorts, consult a travel agent who specializes in this particular niche.

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