Popular Gay Vacations

Gay vacations opportunities have been encouraged to blossom as gay pride and rights, self-acceptance, gay achievements and freedom have grown.

The Love of Travel For Relaxation’s Sake is Common to Us All

Gay Vacations

It is human nature to enjoy and even crave a respite from everyday life in the form of a vacation. We love the excitement of travel. We reduce stress, increase health and productivity, engage in new activities and learning experiences, and have something to look forward to.

Our sexuality has no bearing on this basic human need. The only difference is that because we often gravitate to our own kind, gay people may naturally seek destinations where they will meet others of the same persuasion and will be able to let down their guard and feel freedom from disapproving attitudes.

Why Are Beach Vacations As Popular as They Are? Best Gay Beaches

Interestingly enough, a new study from Michigan State University offers a scientific reason for seeking the seaside. What they term “psychological distress” is in fact lowered in locations where one sees a lot of blue spaces – like water.

One might also consider how shedding all but a few clothes releases our inhibitions, or how our sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste are all enhanced in a tropical paradise.

Here is a list of travel.channel.com’s best beach locations with gay vacations in mind: Playa Delfines in Cancun, Mexico; Maui; Fire Island, New York; Tel Aviv, Israel; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Vancouver, British Columbia, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica; and Miami, Florida.

It may be the blue water which helps, but it is also the white sand, the balmy breezes, the plentiful tropical libations, and the incredible well-toned bodies! Sexy, agreed?

Other extremely popular gay destinations

Fabulous and affordable places for travel include New York City, San Francisco, London, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Madrid. They are also easily accessible if you don’t want to spend all your precious time in the actual transportation necessary to get there in the first place.

There are also more affordable and welcoming destinations including small cities and towns with populations under 150,000. They are artsy and offer great deals in the off season.

Consider Saugatuck and Douglas, home to art galleries, antique shops and beautiful beach frontage on Lake Michigan as well as The Dunes Resort, with dining and gay nightlife.

All Gay Cruises

Sail the seven seas aboard an all gay cruise! Cruising with Pride offers all gay inclusive resorts as well as their popular and exclusive charters for gay singles and couples.

There’s even an upcoming Vacaya All Gay Iceland Cruise with such picturesque scenery as glaciers and geysers, and a trip aboard a tall sailing ship leaving Cannes to sail the Mediterranean.

The World is Opening Its Arms in Welcome to the Gay Community

There are so many gay- friendly cities, towns, and resorts these days where you are able to spend your precious leisure time in an open and accepting environment.

Whether as a single or a couple, in search of relaxation or romance, take advantage of the facts that gay vacations are now available the world over!

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