Hedonism Resort, Spice Things Up!

The Hedonism resort (Hedonism II) is one of the hottest adult holiday locations around these days. People travel from all across the world to visit this beautiful beachfront resort, whether it is to eat world class Jamaican fusion cuisine, relax on gorgeous beaches surrounded by gorgeous people, or to get to know some others in a hot, sexy environment.

Hedonism offers some of the most unique travel opportunities in the world, regardless of what you're looking for. Dance the night away in front of a bonfire, swim in one of several uniquely "heated" pools - heated up because of all the hot, sexy adults swimming in them! Heated up with their sexiness! Read more to find the perfect Hedonism vacation for you - or you and your loved one - or you and a hot, sexy erotic friend!

Hedonism Jamaica

The ultimate in sexy adult vacation resorts would most definitely be Hedonism II in Jamaica. Started in 1976 under the name Negril Beach Village, Hedonism II quickly evolved into one of the sexiest, most desired resorts in the world. The resort is well known for its liberal stance on sexual activity, alcohol, and drug use.

Hedonism Resort Girl

Built on 22 acres, Hedonism II features 280 private rooms on two floors overlooking the beautiful Negril Beach. There are two sides of the resort - one for nudes and one for prudes (those who choose to keep their clothes on). Each side has its own private pool and beaches to discourage fraternization amongst the two groups. With nightly entertainment for those interested, Hedonism resort also offers several dining options for guests, with every restaurant requiring clothing of some sort - with the exception of The Nude Grill.

Hedonism II Resort is a non-stop party, the likes of which you've never experienced. Hailed by guests as a "real life Garden of Eden" this resort features everything from a glass bottom jacuzzi to a rock climbing wall. Here you'll be able to do anything you can imagine. Featuring a swim up bar, jungle bridge connecting the main pool to the beach, a full scale fitness center, ice skating rink, sauna and steam room, gaming tables, world class dining, entertainment and fun.

And when the sun goes down, Hedonism II really heats up. A Friday night bonfire draws crowds to the main beach for an all night event featuring live music, dancing, drinks, and whatever else you can think of, followed up by a midnight buffet rolled out every night for those looking for a snack or a meal. Whatever you want to do, Hedonism II has you covered.

If it’s relaxation you're looking for, look no further. Hedonism II features a world-class massage center, a full service spa and sauna facility, as well as access to some of the best beaches the world has to offer. You'll feel so at home, so relaxed, so uninhibited that maybe you'll just want to take your clothes off and go for a nude swim after all. If you don't, that’s okay. No one will judge you for anything you do - or don't do.

Though it is not encouraged, there have been many reports of open sex taking place on the grounds of Hedonism II, specifically after hours in the jacuzzi areas throughout the resort, and that bi-sexual activity has been encouraged and promoted. Hedonism resort also hosts many nudist and swingers conventions at various times throughout the year.

Conversely, many guests visit the resort without going nude or swinging, patronizing the resort instead for its naturally beautiful location and fine dining options. Hedonism’s owner John Issa promotes the resort’s image of "decadence and debauchery" and feels that Hedonism's slogan "When it’s good it’s oh so good, and when it's bad it’s even better - and yes, everything you've heard is true" fits the hedonism resort ideals perfectly.

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