Naturist Resorts, a Vacation of Freedom

Admit it – when you hear the term naturist resorts, you’re intrigued, right? After all, you might have tried resorts before, and they all offer pretty much the same things. And if you’re honest, you may just be tired of the same old, same old. So it would seem an investigation of what these sorts of resorts involve is in order!

Did You Know There is Even a Naturist Society?

Nuturist Resorts Girl

Some view naturism/nudism as a way of life, even a philosophy with its own way to approach a fulfilling life style, while others enjoy it simply as recreation. Either way, it is all about accepting our bodies and celebrating our differences without being hindered by the protective wall one can put up with pricey designer labels.

People can enjoy being without stressors and encumbrances. Simply put, being nude can be liberating not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

Most nudist resorts are clothing optional, meaning no clothes are required, but there may be nudity required at the swimming pool and jacuzzis. Of course for other activities, people might want to dress and look their best, because after all you might be single and looking for a partner! Many guests are already in couples who enjoy the chance to reconnect in a whole new way.

But the atmosphere at many of these resorts is one of freedom from constraints and relaxation, not one of wild abandon, although that may happen anywhere like-minded people gather. The average age of nude resort goers is not just senior citizens, but is coming more and more to be younger folks.

From the Caribbean, to Corsica, to…Arizona!

Naturist resorts are sprinkled all over the globe and as you would expect, most often in tropical climates of warm, balmy days, turquoise blue ocean, and lush exuberant foliage. There are some jewels which stand out from the rest, however.

The Hedonism Resort in Jamaica offer opportunities galore to explore the sensual side of life, with a full spa offering everything from couples massage to facials, pedicures and reflexology. The Hedonism resort is probably the best known of the nudist resorts and are also considered the most risqué if you’re looking for a sexy vacation full of beautiful people and luxurious amenities.

Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico offers the opportunity to spend one week clothing-free, or the chance to enjoy the adjoining clothing required resort which adjoins. And how about this; in addition to the 42 ocean view suites, 18 more are swim up from an artificial river that connects the entire resort.

Then there is Playa Sonrisa which bills itself as a casual, clothing optional paradise for couples where Mexico merges with the Caribbean. There is world class snorkeling and fly-fishing, and exotic menu selections.

And Think How Easy it Will Be to Pack!

Imagine a vacation of such freedom and rejuvenation! Naturist Resorts offer the ultimate thrill of being a little daring while still sitting fully in the lap of luxury. This year, go for something a little different!

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