Nudist Camps, Enjoy Yourself Au Naturel!

This year, you may be going to nudist camps so It's time to pack, but don't worry about buying any new clothes. And before you say, "No!" or "Never!" you may be surprised to learn they are very different than many people think.

After all, one of the most freeing of all vacations would have to be a trip to a nudist camp. Just think of it: no constricting clothing, and nothing between you and the glorious welcome of the sun and warm, wafting breezes. No neckties, no tight waistbands, no buttons to button or zippers to zip. And once you're over your initial shyness, you'll begin to understand what those who practice nudism do: that all bodies are beautiful.

Nude, Not Lewd

Nudist Camps Girl

Naturist camps are growing rapidly in popularity the world over. Those who practice nudism –also called naturists-- enjoy themselves au naturel not to show off their buff physiques, or to stare or be stared at by others, but just for the comfort, freedom, and philosophy of it being a healthy way to live, all which go so well together.

In fact, those who go to these camps just to ogle will find themselves quickly not welcome. There is a code of ethics among naturists which demands everyone, regardless of age, shape, sex, or body type, be treated equally. After all, the slogan of the International Naturist Federation is “nude, not lewd.”

Get to Know the Person Behind the Label

Nudists also feel you are able to become friends all the faster when you don't have clothing to get in the way. Many people hide behind labels, in their opinion, and relationships are formed on a more even playing field when you take that facade away.

Some people opt for gradual nudity, maybe (for women) just going topless at first. And there are sometimes clothing optional areas. But if you come to a naturist camp, it is to be expected that you will partake in taking off your clothes. If there is even a hint that you are there just to gawk at others, you will politely be asked to leave! It is considered bad manners to display overt sexuality at a nudist camp.

Typical activities at these camps include pools, hot tubs and saunas, volleyball, tennis, and sunbathing. Some also include fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, and even golf. Some camps are just for a day, while some are more like resorts, where your stay may be several days.

Nude RVing?

Growing in popularity are naturist camping resorts and even nude RVing. There are many RV resorts and campgrounds with designations as TFZ (textile free zone) or NCN (no clothing needed).

In Europe, of course, nudity is no big deal (sans textiles, they call it), with resorts often geared towards the entire naturist family but America has typically seen nudism less liberally. But now in the U.S. you'll find over 270 clubs, resorts, and campgrounds which cater to the naturist community. You can even go nude in New England, weather permitting!

Ready to give it a try? Think what you’ll save on those designer labels!

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