Nudist Resorts, the Right to Be Nude

At nudist resorts, what could be more natural than treating yourself to a vacation where nothing comes between you and the warm sun and gentle breezes? No constricting clothes, no bathing suit to keep tugging down, no worries if you are wearing the “right” labels. You were born naked, after all, which makes wearing clothes seem superfluous.

The nudist or nudism movement is rapidly gaining in popularity with most polls revealing that the public believes in the right to nude sunbathe if it is at a spot designated for that purpose. Gone are the days when people were shocked by the notion of and regarded it as wrong, always of a sexual or erotic nature, or even bordering on the pornographic.

In fact, nudist vacation locations adhere to a code of etiquette were there are often strict screening procedures required and where the intent is to enjoy a crime free environment where solicitation for sex will get you thrown out quickly.

Nudist Resorts Girl

Those who embrace nudist or naturist philosophy feel the human body is beautiful unto itself, that it is inherently dignified no matter what shape, size, or age it happens to be. Clothing, it is felt, only sets up an artificial barrier to really knowing someone for who they are, not for what clothing or jewelry they can afford to embellish their bodies with. Nudism removes the materialistic and class status symbols that act to separate individuals from each other and allows the freedom and expresses the vulnerability of who one really is.

Practitioners claim to be more relaxed and in a better frame of mind, enjoy improved body image and have the chance to form social relationships based on character rather than appearance. They describe feeling a deeper connection with the earth and other naked creatures, and enjoy the health benefits of sunlight.

Clothing Optional at Some Nudist Resorts

The great thing about nudist vacations is that some of the resorts allow more flexibility in that you do not have to remove all your clothing if you get cold feet at the last minute. These are the clothing optional resorts where you will see a mix of people: some nude, some partially clothed. If you feel shy at the last minute, you can gradually shed your clothing if you like. You certainly do not have to stay in your room and miss all the fun.

Often there are facilities, pools and beaches for both clothed and “au naturel” at the same resort. But most clothing optional and nudist resorts do require clothing when in the dining area or when venturing off the property to outside activities.

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