Ultimate Single Travel Tours

Single travel tours are just one of the many benefits to being single! While exploring your dream destination, you might just meet someone sexy to have fun with, or meet the love of your life -- you really never know

What Destination Sounds Good?  What is Your Travel Style?

Single Travel Tours

Just because you don't have someone to travel with is no excuse to miss out on all the fun. Going by yourself opens you up to meeting all kinds of fascinating people, people who you may not have met if you were traveling as one half of a couple

G Adventures offers adventurers small group tours which are solo traveler friendly.  Their trips are tailored for those who love to be active, for those 18 to 30 something, for those interested in wellness, for those who like to travel by sea or by rail, and for those who are National Geographic lovers.

And the places they go are amazing: Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, North Africa and the Middle East, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and even the polar regions.

Other Matters to Consider on Your Single Travel Tours

There is so much to think of when you are planning your trip. If you are going on a group tour, what is the age range? The younger the crowd, it is safe to say, the  more alcohol infused and uninhibited your trip.

Do you want a single room? Do you mind sharing for reasons of saving on expense? What will your evenings be like (if you love to party, this could be very important).

And probably the most important question if you are looking for a connection would be what is the ratio of men to women? You might want a ratio which is pretty close to 50-50.

Sexy Singles 

Dream Holiday Asia offers "How to Plan a Sex Vacation" for single men. This might be your ultimate fantasy: alone with the most beautiful women in the world  engaging in activities sensual and surprising.

Solo travel this way has its own benefits and actually applies to all kinds of trips taken alone when you consider: autonomy; no need to compromise; your own time table; you get to do what you want to do; you don't have to do what you don't want to do. These factors could be sought for any type of solo trip.

Many of us head for the beach for the ultimate vacation with warm breezes, sand between your toes, and a minimum of clothing. It need not be any different to go  alone to a tropical location.

Or how about a cruise? Many ships offer single accommodations and, after all, what could be more social than a week on a cruise ship?  You will be sure to meet all sorts of interesting folks, and undoubtedly other singles. You might hook up just for the trip, or you might make some fast friends you will want to see once back on shore.

Are you intrigued yet? Then take the time to check out single travel tours!

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